July 12, 2007

Climate and CO2 in Switzerland

While people in developing countries are the hardest hit by an increased incidence of droughts, flooding and tropical storms, the effects of climate change will also be felt in Switzerland.

There is a risk of more frequent extreme events such as flooding or heatwaves, and snowfall will become increasingly rare at lower altitudes.

In 1992, the international community concluded the Framework Convention on Climate Change, followed in 1997 by the Kyoto Protocol. Now, the agreed strategy is to be implemented. The wide range of commitments undertaken includes research, education and communication, specific measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and support for developing countries.

An overview of Switzerland's climate policy activities (as of 2005) is provided by the 4th National Communication under the UNFCCC (Swiss National Communications under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change).

An illustrated overview of the state of scientific knowledge on climate change, expected impacts in Switzerland, and the policy response at the international and national level.

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