September 13, 2007

Save the dugongs!

Here are the nice and friendly animals called "dugongs"...:

....aren't they sweet?

Well, they're in danger, as many species endagered by human pollution.

But, you can do something!!

Call on the Japanese government to save the feeding grounds of Okinawa's last dugongs from plans to expand the U.S. military base into the sea!

it's easily done: click, sign, confirm! I always say, everyone can do even a little thing, but we just have to DO IT!


little dedication:
(and by the way, dugongs where some of my best friend's favourite animals, she is not on this Earth anymore, but she was full-time engaged in fighting against animal testing, trying to save species and she did everything in her power stop pollution
Some people have a big big heart, and even after their departure from this life, their action still keeps doing great things for their ideals.
Dear G., WE WILL save Dugongs, I promise!)


Patricia Maihota said...

Mada da YO
save them !!!!!
Remember HOW U Miss the DOdo.
We don't own the world, but as the dominant Kind we have the Duty to protect them.
Each specie is a part of our world.

.::JoSePhinE::. said...

My dear Patricia, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your visit and comment, I do agree with you, we are not the owner of this planet allthough sometimes it seems we've really come to far!!!!!

Thanks, hopefully you'll visit us again!