January 18, 2008

Images to remember how precious our Sea is

...imagine we had to give up such an amazing world because of our interests and comforts!
Wish you a great weekend!


zue said...

hi. a picture paints a thousand words. congratz. you've captured some of the most outstanding beauty of our marine life. how can we have the heart to miss even an inch of it?

.::JoSePhIne::. said...

Hi Zue, first of all, THANKS SO MUCH for visiting my blog.
What I'm trying to do is to put everyone's attention on one essential fact: we are doing extremely bad to our Earth, and we must do something to change this.
Sometimes I think as you think, a picture paints a thousand words!
thanks for support, I'll visit your blog :o)
feel free to pass by again, hugs from Switzerland
Josephine :o)

Romeika said...

Gorgeous pictures, nature is so beautiful and unique.

.::JoSePhIne::. said...

Hi Romeika, I'm happy to see you on my "green blog"!
hope you like it and will come back to stay up to date, yes you're totally right, nature is unique, that's why we should do more than our best to keep it healthy and not damage it every single day.. though it's difficult, we really should try, everyone can do a lot!

Thanks again for visiting, you're always welcome to come back again!

wish you a great day,

Anonymous said...