April 17, 2008


Just a quick note to post about the brand new project by WWF is called Connect2Earth.

It is a new online community from WWF where you can upload videos, pictures and comments about the environment.

A community that cares about what is happening to this planet. One that shares your concerns. That you can hook up with, link to, support, champion, vote and talk back to.

After all, at its core essence this is about planet saving. It is about doing something. It is about shouting loud.

By taking part you're becoming part of the solution that we are so badly missing.

So you could be there, telling the world why you care about the planet!

So let's connect to Earth! Click here to sign up and be part of it!

Don't give up acting for our planet, it's worth it and we must keep on believing in this: we can do a big change!

A big hug, Josephine


Zoe (Raining Hats and Clogs) said...

such a great blog! I wish everyone was this concerned with our world!

.::JoSePhIne::. said...

Hey Zoe sorry for late reply! thanks a lot for your support and compliments, make me honoured!
hope you'll be back reading!
a big big hug!