June 15, 2007

MTV's action

Dear Readers and Friends,

Yesterday, you may have seen it as well, on MTV Germany was "climate day", a celebration introduced just this year due to the now known problems we are creating to the environment and Earth in general. Climate is changing always faster and everyday we can feel that, comparing to the years in past when we stil used to "have seasons", something is really wrong with weather. This is also because of our most often inconsiderate use of energies given us from Nature.

MTV is a channel which addresses to most young people, personally I think it's good that such a channel takes action and has a clear position on this delicate matter (we know that sometimes for powerful people and medias it's easier to go with what the gouvernement says, then to express directly and with no dobut what they really think!!).

Anyway, this migh be just a "small" a step forward, but let's hope it will grow up as fast as possibile.

Young people like me personally, are told to be the so-called future, so realize: we have not only the weight of having the future of demography, economics and politics on our shoulders: we have the future of a well-living on our Earth in our hands. And that's a big deal, and in my opinion, more important than all those other thing we have to carry on. On what we do in these years we are living through, depends our lifestyle in 20, 30, 50 years, or maybe even less than that.

Let's not miss this chance to change the terrible vision of the future that is waiting for us....!!!
Here are some little everyday actions that might help environment get a little bit better every day:

1. Switch to an independent electricity offerer: only with that, you can save up to 1.9 barrels of CO2.

02. Use public transport facilities: if you can go by train, by bus or anything else, but avoid using always your own car (if it's not strictly necessary!). If you know somone working next to you, or goes at same school as yours, organize in order to use a car for more than just one person: that's already a big help. Remember: a car uses something like 800 Kg CO2 every year!

03. Eat less meat: you can save up to 400 Kg CO2.

04. Careful shopping: buy biological stuff from your own region: for bio cultivation only the half of energy is needed, compared to the industry one.

05. Turn down your heating. A lower room temperature, even only of one degree, turns down the CO2 issue of a 4-people housekeeping of about 350 Kg every year.

06. Wash with a lower temperature and with a full washer: don't wash a single t-shirt or just a couple of things, wait until you have enough clothes to fill the washer. Every year, without using prewash and tumble dryer, you can save up to 330 Kg CO2.

07. Think twice before buying electronics: look carefully at the energy efficiency of the object you'd like to buy, you can save up to 50% of the energy use.

08. FORGET the stand-by function!! looks like it's off, but it's not, it's still using precious energy! Turn off your TV when you don't watch it anymore, simply with that, you can save every year, as a single housekeeping, 300 Kg.
Imagine with computers, printers, ......

09. Use energy conservation lamps: a British study has demonstrated, that, if every housekeeping would change from using normal light bulbs, to energy conservation ones, a whole power station can be closed down!!!

Just try.... and tell me!

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