June 14, 2007

Trying to lead an helping hand

Dear Friends,
this blog was born as a direct consequence of my previous and first blog, rememberingnirvy.blogspot

On that blog, I tend to write my feelings and moods, but I wanted to do something more engaged.

This is just a try to let everybody know that the climate problem it is a very important question to solve, though politicians don't seem to give a fuck about this!

Let's not forget all the beautiful things we have in this world, existing years and years before we could ever imagine of living on this great planet!

Feel free to post your comments, links, whatever might help anyone to be informed about the problem.

I will try to give any suggestions of how we can try to avoid what's worst, and what's, most eventually will happen anyhow.

Thanks for reading, thanks for paying attention.

First I will begin by publishing this post I previously wrote for my other blog.

With respect,

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