October 16, 2007

Focus on Glaciers (http://www.greenpeace.ch/)

This picture talks by itself, I guess.

Switzerland is one of the most lucky countries who can count important and famous glaciers on its surface, but this is kind of changing.

I tend to take examples from Switzerland because it is my country and it is particularly important to me.

Not accidentally this is a very important period for Switzerland, in matter of politics. This Sunday, it is actually Elections Day, politicians from every Swiss Canton are trying to convince everyone of us of being the RIGHT ONE, but, is there any one who is REALLY the right one? I personally have no idea.

In matter of Environment we had very few concrete discussions, as in television or in any other kind of media. I personally think, that, just like any politician, they’re just making promises and illusions that, once elected, no one will ever maintain.

On this problem, I would like you to put your attention on this selection of Swiss politicians, made by Greenpeace Switzerland, in order to clear up some doubts. By clicking this link you will find a Greenpeace animation where, after having choosen your Canton, you will see at what “Enironment friendly” level every politician is: http://www.greenpeace.ch/de/themen/klima/klimapolitik/klimarating/

By clicking this other link, you will find the official Swiss website about Environment Skills of the politicians appearantly wanting to lead our Switzerland during the next years: http://www.umweltrating.ch/

I don’t want to talk about any politics preferences (I am so young that I don’t know yet, what’s my defined politic preference!), my intention is simply to get your attention on this matter, and make you think about the environmental consequences if we should choose “the wrong one” who maybe doesn’t give a damn about the always faster melting of glaciers in the Arctic as in Switzerland, about the imminent extinction (already in progress…) of important and different species of animals, about the impossibility of keeping this life-style if we want to assure a livable planet and future to our children.

So friends, think about it, next Sunday, October 21st!

The future is in our hands.


Here you can dowload the document about the glacier’s situation and degradation through the years (in German language – published by Greenpeace Switzerland):


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