October 16, 2007

"Per l'unico pianeta che abbiamo" (COOP's engagement)

Lately you might have seen on the 3 Swiss Television Channels, a rapper (named STRESS) singing and appearantly advertising for some company.

The company is the shop COOP, known in Switzerland for its very Swiss products (some) and for its constant engagement in matter Nature Protection (product such as CoopNaturaPlan, MaxHavelaar initiative, BIO products, ...).

It is really worth it, dedicating some minutes of your day watching this video, original language is French and subtitles are obviously in Italian. For those who don't understand nor French, nor Italian, I will then publish a translation of the verses.

Enjoy and, as I always recommend... THINK! (and, if you listen carefully, you'll hear that time is scanned by a drop dripping into water...... fact that already should make everybody think, deeply).



Ralph said...

I love that song!

Here's the full version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJZtdwxpiyg

It still has an happy ending... but for how long?

Destra Nazionale said...

Caspita, megaimpegnata nelle questioni ambientali! Complimenti!
Ho guardato anche il tuo sito...ma sai che io mi ricordo vagamente di te dai tempi delle medie? Che caso!

.::JoSePhinE::. said...

Grazie, ho iniziato per puro interesse personale e ora... mi sento parte di qualcosa di più grande, e mi sento in dovere di fare qualcosa di più perchè si tratta del nostro futuro...

Dalle medie?????? usti.... chi sei? Agno??

.::JoSePhinE::. said...

Ralph grazie per il link della versione integrale... in effetti l'ho cercata anche io su youtube ma non sono riuscita a trovarlo!


peppi said...

Great Blog!

peppi said...

I love that song too!!!! I need to have it on my laptop, jeez!

.::JoSePhinE::. said...

Thanks for compliments!!! thank you thank you thank you!

the song is beautiful and engaged: what's best?

Hugs and come visit us again, Peppi!