October 24, 2007

Give your favourite name to a Humpback whale!

Greenpeace is giving everybody the chance to name a Humpback whale the way we want: the program of tracking these whales in order to see if they're ok, is giving some problems of recognizing, and, just to avoid of calling these incredible animals only with a tracking number, we can find names for them.

Just click on the link below and enter your favourite name!!! I already did enter my choice for a name to give to these beautiful creatures, so.. do the same!




wilwarin said...

Anche io ho votato...sarebbe bello la chiamassero con il nome che ho scelto!!!


.::JoSePhinE::. said...

Cara, anche io!!!
mi fa piacere che torni a visitare il "blog verde".

e mi fa piacere che presto ci vedremo...!!!
un abbraccione one one