July 11, 2008

An undemanding post with alien suggestions!

Do you remember Alf? I'm sure you do.
I found an episode (that I remember actually!), in which Alf was already worried about the Climate matter.
This is of course an undemanding post, but I found interesting and funny the way a funny TV series (of the 80’s – 90’s) took a kind of position on the matter. It is just a TV serie episode, funny to watch and easy to understand. Be careful about the suggestions Alf’s making at the end of the episode (end of the 2nd video).

The episode is called "Staying Alive" and was posted on youtube by the user Gummoboy, whom I thank from the bottom of my heart for finding all those Alf episodes!
It's divided in two parts, that's why two videos.

Enjoy and as usual….. think! :)
Thanks for your attention,

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