September 15, 2008

Darkness world: On September 17, 2008 from 21:50 to 22:00 hours.

This day proposes to switch off all lights and if possible all electrical appliances,
to our planet can 'breathe'.

If the answer is massive, energy saving can be brutal.

Only 10 minutes, and see what happens.

Only 10 minutes in the dark, we light a candle and simply be looking at it, we breathe and our planet. Only 10 minutes, if you think of it, they're not so many, thinking how much time we spend working, walking, talking, eating... for 10 minutes we could just stop and respect our planet.

Remember that the union is strength and the Internet can be very power and can even do something big.

Moves the news, if you have friends to live in other countries send to them.

Be part of it, and turn off all the light you have, in addition, staying into candlelight can be very romantic :)
So save this date in your calendar: September 17, 2008!

Wish you all a nice day, keep on saving energy!


The Seeker said...

Hi dearest J :)
Now I understand why your RSS in Netvibes was saying that it wasn't valid....

This is a great project...

So dear keep in touch.
By the way I'm on facebook too ;)


.::JoSePhIne::. said...

Hello my dear!
yes, I closed it down a week ago :)
as I told you, I dont' have time anymore to dedicate to it, I'll be having a new one as soon as I'm more relaxed (which means, hopefully very soon :)

oh, I'll look for you then :)
a big hug,